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So tonight I spent my time watching the dollar trilogy with my dad. I’ve been watching these movies for years and now sitting watching them again, I realized something. Not only is Clint’s nameless character a total badass, but he was pretty damn good looking badass too. 

Also I realize this is why I can’t stand guys my age sometimes. More specifically why they seem like such bitches to me. I’ve spent my whole life watching and growing up with these  badass, hardcore motherfuckers. (not to mention my dad is pretty badass too) So they became the definition of what a real man is (to me):  An obvious grittyness, never gives a fuck about what you’ve got to say, can beat some serious ass and facial hair. 

So it’s only natural that I’ve grown a pair larger than most guys today…. And why I probably am still single. I’m never satisfied with the pansy men I’ve been around lately, I want REAL MEN in my life. A man who will put me in my place but respects me. 

BUT. Back to what I was originally talking about. Mr. Eastwood. So this man is old as hell now (80 something) but still maintains a badassness and I fucking love it. Although I did not expect him to look that damn good in his younger years. I mean he’s not the crafted adonis that we see today, but a handsome man altogether. There may be a bias to my favorite Clint image, but he just made me love him in the dollar trilogy. Its the beard that gets me….

Regardless, the man is an excellent actor that absorbs his character and becomes it in all his works. I just had to share his attractiveness with the world because I can and I’m weird. 

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